Inspiring a healthier future for people and planet

The first ever Bupa eco-Disruptive Live event is a one-day celebration of human ingenuity, collaboration and sustainability innovation. It’s an opportunity to discover 17 ingenious ideas that already exist today and have the potential to improve our health and wellbeing while also caring for the planet.

The day will bring together the people who are already creating a healthier future for people and planet alike, providing a galvanising glimpse of the possibilities of tomorrow.

With a lively agenda of panel discussions, workshops and interactive experiences, you’ll see how the bright ideas of today can become the global solutions of tomorrow.

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    Old Billingsgate
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The agenda will include a mix of insightful panels, Q&As and interactive sessions. Doors open at 9:30am.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Thrive stage

Inspiring a healthier future for people and planet

Iñaki Ereño (Bupa Group CEO)

A healthy planet needs thriving innovators

Deborah Meaden (Entrepreneur, Investor & TV Personality)

Sustainability through collaboration: lessons learned from four pioneers for the planet

Malaika Vaz (Presenter & Filmmaker), Bruce Rossi (President of Purpose, Cassava Bags), Linda Ball (CEO, Upcycled Medical), Pierre Paslier (Co-Founder, Notpla) and Alice Aedy (Filmmaker)

Collaborative Session and Q&A
Start-up support surgery

Deborah Meaden (Entrepreneur, Investor & TV Personality), Matt Kennedy (Fussy), Carmen Pauline Rios Benton (Doctomatic), Maxime Kryvian (Founder, Celsius Innovations), and Jack Harries (Filmmaker & Producer)

Fireside chat
Disruption by design: how to build a culture where sustainable innovation is not left to chance

Nigel Sullivan (Bupa Chief People Officer), Solitaire Townsend (Entrepreneur & Sustainability Expert), and Dr Sally Uren (Chief Executive of Forum for the Future)

A disruptive prescription for sustainable healthcare

Paula Franklin (Bupa Chief Medical Officer), Arianna Gamba (Health Care without Harm Europe), Shivvy Jervis (Futurist), Dr Matt Gopal (SageTech Medical) and Dr Hugh Montgomery (UCL)

Around the stage

On the day

From 100% biodegradable bags that dissolve in water to exercise bikes that generate clean electricity and smart recycling for anaesthetic gases, eco-Disruptive Live will showcase pioneering healthcare products, services and technologies that can deliver a positive impact for people and planet.

Throughout the day, a lively series of panel discussions, workshops and interactive experiences will promote collaboration, inspire innovation, and show how bright ideas can become game-changing solutions.

Meet the innovators See all innovators

18 global start-ups with ingenious ideas that have the potential to improve our health and wellbeing, while also caring for the planet.


Using insects to transform food waste into protein and fertiliser.

Cassava Bags

Offering 100% natural biodegradable bags that dissolve in water within minutes.

Celsius Innovations

Offering a wearable “smart bracelet” that detects overheating and cools the user down.


Providing an electric, self-driving, and sustainable robot boat system to maintain the health of oceans and waterways.


Monitoring chronic diseases with an AI-powered system that uses data from home measuring devices to reduce air pollution from patient travel.


Improving people’s emotional wellbeing through a self-check tool powered by AI linking smile frequency to tree conservation.


Providing a static exercise bike that converts human power into clean electricity.


Helping to reduce vehicle emissions for work drivers who are major polluters.


Reducing food waste with an on-site bio-waste management solution.


Offering an AI-powered dermatological tool to assess patients remotely and reduce air pollution from patient travel.

Macco Robotics

Using artificial intelligence to promote seasonal product consumption, eliminate food waste, and reduce CO2 emissions.


Preventing medicine waste by redistributing short-dated medications instead of incinerating them.

Navigator Group

Reducing the carbon footprint of injury recovery healthcare.

SageTech Medical

Preventing the release of harmful waste volatile anaesthetic agents into the atmosphere.


Promoting sustainable mobility by installing recharging stations in Bupa environments with solar floors.


Recycling used vegetable oil from Bupa’s kitchens and canteens to create a new “multi-purpose” detergent.


Removing CO2 from the atmosphere through enhanced rock weathering.

Upcycled Medical

Creating medical clothing made from post-consumer PET plastic waste collected from oceans and landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Before the event
  1. I have registered, how do I collect my ticket?
    You should have received an email containing your QR code (double check your junk folder in case it’s ended up in there). Please bring this code with you on the day as this will give you access to the event.
  2. Can I register at the event?
    All registrations need to take place via this website in advance of the event.
  3. Can I bring a guest or companion to the event?
    Yes, but please make sure they have registered in advance.
  4. I have special accessibility needs/dietary requirements; can you accommodate me?
    We’re committed to running an event that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. All food will be clearly labelled with allergen information.
  5. Is there a dress code for the event?
    There’s no need to dress up for us!
  6. How do I contact you?
    You can email us at but please note that there is a 24-48 hrs respond time. 
On the day
    1. Where can I find information about the event agenda and schedule?
      We’re continuing to update the website so keep an eye out for exciting developments as we get closer to the event!
    2. Can I sign-up for any specific sessions on the agenda?
      There isn’t a need to sign-up – you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to attend. The main stage will be first come first served but don’t worry if you can’t get a seat as there will be screens streaming the sessions around the venue.
    3. Are there any networking opportunities during the event?
      Absolutely! The event is all about collaboration and working together. We encourage you to meet the innovators and other people there on the day.
    4. Will there be catering provided at the event?
      Yes, there will be a mix of fresh options throughout the day. There will also be water stations around the venue, so don’t forget to bring your refillable water bottles!